Rick Petry

Rick is an intelligent and resourceful marketer who understands the persuasive power of words to attract consumers and get them to take action.

Chris Lundin CEO, Sanosil USA and direct marketing veteran

Services & Clients

Studies suggest that the average individual is exposed to over 6,000 marketing and advertising messages per day. So how do you break through?

The answer is as old as humanity itself: entertaining, engaging and persuasive storytelling. A well crafted, compelling story can stop a channel surfer on a dime. And every product, like every person, has a story to tell. Allow Rick the privilege of helping you tell yours.

Rick specializes in Direct Response Spots, Infomercials, Web and Print Copy, and Strategic Planning Documents

Past Clients

  • Aerogrow
  • Amberen
  • Barefoot Science
  • The Bean
  • Char-Broil
  • Dial800
  • Digitells: ┬áRead-Along with Me
  • DRMA Marketer of the Year
  • Electronic Retailing Association
  • Envision Response
  • Fosdick Fulfillment
  • Horowitz & Firestone
  • Koeppel Direct
  • Meltzer Media Productions
  • SF Global Sourcing
  • Syndero
  • Triton Technologies
  • VQ ActionCare: ┬áResistance Chair


Pricing is based upon a defined scope of work. For a free consultation, contact Rick directly at 503-740-9065 or via email at rick@rickpetry.com